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Air Frying

It has come to my attention from many whom have already tried it, that the air fryer is the best replacement for our traditional fried foods. We have the ability to prepare fried food dishes with a fraction of the oil used in traditional frying. Thus, giving us a low calorie, healthy dish without sacrificing taste.

As a health and wellness professional , of course, I had to try it.

After searching for hours for the right air fryer that would suit our needs, we finally decided on an air fryer that would be able to cook a whole chicken, along with the other features they offer.

Once we got it home, I realized just how beneficial this appliance could be to us.

Cooking in the summer heat can be a hassle. No one wants to stand in a hot kitchen preparing food. Especially frying food. This leads us to go out to eat, which in my opinion, is worse. It is worse because, where ever you eat they will do anything to make your food taste great. Things that cause you to gain weight, and eventually have health issues.

So cooking with an air fryer in the summer makes life healthier and easier. When cooking with an air fryer, my kitchen doesn't get hot and I don't have to eat foods that were soaking in artery clogging grease to satisfy my fried food craving.

Air fried gizzards.

It is easy to clean and can store away on most countertops.

There are many recipes for many foods, like baked goods, fish, beef, chicken, pizza, fries and more.

Some air fryers even dehydrate foods, etc, beef jerky, dehydrated apples, etc.

Slices of whole juicy chicken breast, crispy on the outside with crunchy wings served with french fries.

From what we have experienced so far, all is good.

A word of caution. There is a tendency to make the foods taste as authentically fried as possible by adding more oil, flour or cornmeal. Adding too much of these things can suddenly make a healthy dish unhealthy.

In conclusion and in my opinion, sell your deep fryers if you have one! Air fryers are an investment worth making.