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September 2018 Update

Everything is growing and thriving on the Frazier Farm.

Including the animals.

Pork chop our sow (female pig) was pregnant and gave birth to 7 adorable piglets that came out practically running Thursday September 27, 2018.

There is always one piglet roaming and camera shy.

We have also added 25 new chicks which are eating us out of house and home. Twenty of them will be for meat by November and the rest for eggs next spring.

The garden is growing with lettuce, garlic, tomatoes, beans, okra and more.

The banana plant that came back to life after last winters freeze.

I can barely reach the okra.

Tall plant with orange flowers :)

Malabar Spinach, grows year around, taste delish.

Volunteer cantaloupe.

Volunteer honeydew in keyhole garden. Almost watermelon size.

A few rows (not all seen here) of lettuce cabbage, kale, collards, tomatoes, beans, spaghetti squash and more.

Prayerfully we will go to farmers market come spring. For now we eating, storing and sharing.