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You are Not Alone

My wattled raised bed with free range chickens

When Joe and I moved here, we knew nothing about farming. The only information we had on livestock was from YouTube. I never picked up a chicken before, let alone touched a cow or goat. We wanted to get everything but a cow, which we figured would be too big for us to handle. So we thought.

Then one day God sent us an angel in the garden store. She befriended us and introduced us to a few of her people in the area whom had more experience with livestock and farming. These are wonderful people mostly our age who have had large farms and ranches before and have downsized as they got older. Amazing people, with whom we enjoy their company, information and their willingness to barter. They all live within 10 minutes from us so we can take care of each other, our animals and properties if needed.

Having a homesteading community is not impossible.

You would be surprised to find out who is your neighbor . We have even met a young couple who is willing to run errands, pick up fencing, supplies and more, (since we don't have a pick-up truck yet) for a couple of dollars. People who live off the land know the value of being neighborly and part of a community.

Within 2 months time we obtained 2 nubian/boar goats and 7 chicken. We are planning on a pig and possibly a cow if it is docile enough.

Too know that you have raised and stored enough meat and vegetable for your family to live off of for a year is a blessing.

God blessed us with a beautiful home to shelter and comfort us, plenty of land to grow food and animals on, a feed store 2 mins away(if we need it), a processing shop 10 mins away,(to process animals) helping neighbors 10 mins away, places to worship Him everywhere and healthy bodies to do it all with. What more can we ask for?