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From the beginning

One good thing about being retired is you have a lot of time on your hands. It can be overwhelming to have to start a new homestead from scratch at our age but it is also exciting.

Taking everything one day at a time and planning is important.

I knew I needed a big garden to feed neighbors, church members etc.

so we took what was an over grown pasture and turned it into a garden area.

First, we paid someone to bush hog the main section of the garden one time. Then we used all of our moving boxes for sheet mulch a quick and easy way to kill the grass and add to the soil for gardening. After that we used the grass clipping from the bush hogging to cover the boxes. Some people would put soil and such in layer, but we are still on a fixed income and could not afford but a small amount of soil.

After watering it daily it started to break down allowing us to plant a little bit at a time.

I read about this online and viewed it on youtube and will have to say, it really works. No Digging, No Stress, and we got rid of all of our boxes.