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Healthy Easy Cooking Idea

Its hot and no one likes to stand over the stove cooking, let alone have their head in the oven.

Then there is the time factor. We stay busy and lose track of time, forgetting we have to eat. So we end up getting fast food or dining out, which we all know is not good for us.

This is why I love my Crock-pot.

It does all the cooking for me while I am asleep or away.

Any time of year, we do a lot of Crock-pot cooking to make our lives easier.

We put the food in the pot on low before church and when we get back, all we have to do is get a plate, sit down and eat.

Put meat in pot before bed on low to wake up to great fragrances, with meat falling off the bone for lunch and dinner that last for days.

On mornings when I know I will be busy at home all day and know I will be hungry that afternoon. I will set meat and veggies in the pot on high for a few hours to enjoy that afternoon.

Crock-pot is the way to go.