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Spring Has Sprung In Florida

Hello everyone! I hope the season has treated you well with no flu or cold and decent weather.

Here in Florida it feels like spring has sprung, with day time temperatures in the 80's and evenings in the 50's. Most of our plants have begun to wake up from the winter and are showing new growth. The birds are chirping and lawn mowers humming, sending off scents of freshly cut grass.

I thought I would share just a little of what we see here on our homestead.

This is the peach tree we planted back in Oct/Nov. It now has new leaves, flowers and peach buds.

Peach tree that now has little baby peaches on them.

Above is Stinging Nettle, which I transplanted from the yard near the house. It is a highly nutritious herbal antihistamine, when prepared and very valuable to our family.

Wait! Wait! She's got food Ham! Its time to eat! Move out the way!! Move out the way!!!

Pork Chop and Ham, getting fat and sassy. In the background, Chakka (the dog trying to eat the pigs food), still fat and sassy.

All but one hen is laying, so we are getting seven eggs a day.

All but one hen is laying. We now get 7, Non-GMO, Organic, Free Range eggs per day, for free. How delicious is that?!

Loquat tree sprouting new leaves.

Wild onions, God blessed us with. I discovered them growing near the keyhole garden. One was fully grown in December and was delicious. So when I saw them growing prolifically around the garden in February, I transplanted them into the garden beds. Thank you Father for this food!

Beautiful flowers appearing on our apple tree.

Plants we are growing from the seeds He has provided for us. Thank you Father!

Joe and Chakka, taking the goats to work. Not only do they clear the field for us, they produce great fertilizer for the garden as well.

Bush beans, planted in the wattled sheet mulched raised bed, growing wonderfully. We also have okra, beets and pickling cucumbers in that same bed with plenty of room to spare.

This is our first garden planted in October in sheet mulch. Japanese mustard greens, cabbage, collard greens, burdock root (medicinal blood cleanser and food), turnips(of which we have harvested a few), kale and I added, basil, okra, and zucchini.

Peas and beets planted in sheet mulch, growing beautifully with a little bit of cardboard floating about.

Here I am trying to safe guard from chickens, vegetables planted a while ago in our keyhole garden.

We have also planted in the garden pumpkin, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, tomato, carrots, sunflowers, fig trees, pomegranate tree, goji berries and a few herbs. There is plenty of extra space and a lot more to plant.

Prayerfully we will not receive a freeze within the next few weeks. If so, I am prepared to protect my hard work with covers, and other methods.

Stay tuned for more updates on our developing food forest on our humble homestead.

We hope you enjoyed!

Have a Blessed Day!

Genesis 9:3